Postpartum Support Matters

How a Postpartum Doula Can Help! Why does postpartum support matter? Because you and your family matter! Studies have shown that in cultures where the postpartum period is approached as a time for nourishment of the new parent and baby, and there is time and space created to rest and bond, postpartum adjustment outcomes are… Continue reading Postpartum Support Matters

Childbirth Education

Many first-time labors can last as long as 48 hours! And some are short and very intense. Both will require work.  Choosing a class that can help prepare you and your partner for the many stages of labor ahead can have a positive impact on your birthing experience. Even if you plan on using pain… Continue reading Childbirth Education

Why Hire a Birth Doula?

The word Doula conjures up many images and thoughts in peoples’ minds. Just as birth takes many forms, so do the women who inhabit Doula work. A Doula is someone who educates, empowers, and supports the birthing person and partner continuously through labor and delivery. A Doula is trained and experienced in providing emotional support,… Continue reading Why Hire a Birth Doula?