Private Childbirth Education

People feel good when they are part of the birth process, when they have choices, and they are empowered. Birth is a life event that deserves to be prepared for, informed, and supported.

Every person responds to labor uniquely and should follow their body cues and be honored in the way they approach this time and in seeking comfort. Childbirth education can address physical and psychological comfort measures for the birthing person and partner.

Not everyone can afford the cost of childbirth education classes, doesn’t feel comfortable in the group setting, or cannot commit to a multiple day or week series.

Contact Me to find out more about creating a private, custom childbirth education class or classes. Possible classes topics could include: anatomy of the pregnant person during labor and birth, labor coping techniques, the role of the partner, and pushing techniques. These classes can be geared towards any birthing person, for any setting, alone or with a partner.

Birth Doula

As your Birth Doula, my intent is to help you be informed and empowered in your decision-making process. However you want to birth, I will support you. I am here to remind you of what you want, and that you have the power to birth this baby. During labor, I will provide you (and your partner) with continuous emotional and physical support until you are settled into your recovery. Whether you are calm or not, I will be.

Just as birth and postpartum recovery is not a one-size-fits-all experience, neither is support. Services can be tailored to meet your unique needs. Additionally, all meetings can be held virtually to maximize your comfort.

Birth Support Package

  • Pre-natal meetings include two prenatal appointments at a location of your choosing where we can spend 2-3 hours comfortably. During these meetings we can discuss nutrition, care, and relaxation for you and your partner; talk about your ideal birth and formulate a birth plan; explore and practice comfort measures with your partner, make a plan for your postpartum recovery and explore if postpartum doula services are right for you. We can also explore any other area of concern and interest during these meetings.
  • On-call: At 38 weeks I will be on-call until the birth of your baby. I will be available via phone, text, and email to answer questions, listen to concerns, or help locate resources. I am also available to attend pre-natal appointments with you. Some people find it helpful to have their care provider team together before the birth, but this is your preference.
  • Labor/Birth/Immediate Postpartum Support: When labor begins, I will be available via phone or text.  I can help remind you of the comfort measures you planned for with your partner and be available to help you labor in your home as things progress. I will support you and your partner throughout the entire labor and birth and help you during the immediate postpartum time.
  • Postpartum Visit: Around one week after the birth of your baby, I will come for a postpartum visit.  I can check in on your recovery and give you an opportunity to talk about the birth. We can talk about your recovery, newborn care, and provide breastfeeding support. I will also help connect you to resources or give your referrals to support your healthy postpartum recovery.

Perinatal Support Package

Are you interested in more education and preparation than your current CBE class and prenatal care offers but a Doula is not part of your Birth Plan? The Perinatal Support Package is designed for the family who is looking for long-term Doula support and guidance, customized childbirth education, and postpartum check-ins without a Doula attending your birth.

  • 3 Prenatal Meetings lasting 2-3 hours each where we can discuss prenatal nutrition, prenatal care, mechanics of birth, labor preparation, relaxation techniques for you and your partner; discuss your goals for birth and parenting, discuss newborn care and soothing techniques, body/formula feeding, and expectations for the 4th trimester(postpartum recovery).
  • Birth and Postpartum Plans. We will create an easily understood and accessible birth and postpartum plan to assist in your preparation. You will also be given a Postpartum Pantry, Snack list, and referral to a private chef if you are interested in Postpartum Meals, to assist with your preparation.
  • 2 Postpartum Visits. I can check in on your recovery and give you an opportunity to talk about the birth. We can talk about your recovery, newborn care, and provide breastfeeding support. I will also help connect you to resources or give your referrals to support your healthy postpartum recovery.

If you would like to learn more about the above or any other service, please fill out the contact form.

Postpartum Doula

The needs of the postpartum period are like none other. For the birthing parent and partner, it is a tender and sacred period that deserves to be fully supported. My intent as your postpartum doula is to “mother the new mother” and new baby. In many cultures the 42 day (6 week) postpartum period is marked by the care and nourishment of the new mother so that she may focus on herself and the new baby.

My priority is to ease the new mother’s transition by providing time to comfortably bond with baby, rest, and process the birth journey.

In order to assess your known postpartum needs and preferences, we can meet at least once during the 3rd trimester of your pregnancy. During this meeting we can discuss your postpartum needs and plan for your care.

Day-time postpartum support. As each new parents’ needs are different, support will look different, but the following are typical services that I can provide for you and your family:

  • Create rest and recovery time for new parents
  • Emotional support for the family
  • Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding support
  • Baby care guidance and support
  • Light meal preparation
  • Homemade lactation friendly treats
  • Help with sibling and partner transitions
  • Organization of diaper and feeding areas, and more.
  • Baby laundry and dishes
  • Evidenced-Based information about your recovery and your baby’s behavior
  • Community resources and referrals for the family and birthing parent

Please fill out the contact form so that we can discuss your personalized care.