Placenta Processing

The placenta is the magical organ designed to protect your baby’s life as it grows throughout pregnancy. Attached via the umbilical cord, your placenta is genetically identical to you and knows precisely which elements it needs to sustain life. It brings oxygen to the baby and allows the waste products to be disposed of through the birthing person. After your baby is born, the final stage of labor is the birth of the Placenta. Many birthing people and partners report never seeing this miraculous organ. Our modern medical industry views the placenta as medical waste and it is usually disposed of as such. Yet, in many cultures there are beautiful rituals and practices that honor the Placenta as a protector, a twin, and involve the careful cleaning, ingesting, or burying of this organ.

Placenta Encapsulation

All capsules are Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Kosher and Halal Certified

Inspired by the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, the Placenta is cleaned, steamed with lemon and ginger, and dehydrated. The dried Placenta is ground, put into capsules, and stored in an air-tight amber jar. Herbs can be added during the grinding and encapsulating process to help support Postpartum recovery. Unless requested, the broth (steaming liquid) will be disposed of after steaming. Please inquire for pricing.

Placenta Tincture

After the Placenta has been fully processed, capsules are reserved to make a highly potent tincture with high grain alcohol from a local distillery. The tincture will age for up to 4 weeks and after straining, the liquid is poured into an amber glass jar. Please inquire for pricing.

Placenta Prints

If processing isn’t right for you but you would like to memorialize your placenta. A Placenta Print may be a perfect option for you. There are many options available. A print can be made with just the magic of the Placenta itself or with paints. If you would like to ingest your Placenta afterwards, food grade paints will be used. The page will be sprayed to seal in the print. If you do not wish to ingest your Placenta, traditional water colors will be used to paint the Placenta. Please inquire for pricing.

Cord Keepsakes

Umbilical cord keepsakes can be made in many shapes and styles. The most common are hearts and spirals. Some long cords can even be used to form words, like LOVE. The cord is cleaned and dehydrated along with the Placenta, or can be made into a keepsake on its own. Please inquire for pricing.

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